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Did you know…

Growing cannabis industry

The legal cannabis industry is on pace to be a $44 BILLION business by 2020, according to the Marijuana Business Factbook?

That’s a 260% increase in just 4 short years!

During that same period, Forbes says there will be more cannabis industry jobs
300,000 – than manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

Consider Colorado as an example. Since voters legalized recreational cannabis in 2012…

  • More than 500 retail stores have opened across the state –
    in addition to more than 500 medical marijuana dispensaries.
  • More than 720 licensed cannabis cultivation facilities are in operation.
  • More than 38,000 employees make up the medical and recreational cannabis markets.
And Colorado is only 1 of 30 states that have legalized cannabis.
The industry is booming, and so are job and investment opportunities. Even if your
state is one of the 20 that hasn’t allowed cannabis sales yet, it’s clear the future is green.

Are you ready?

As more legal cannabis businesses open, there is an expanding need for educated,
committed, and passionate professionals.

However, breaking in when you don’t have any experience or educational credentials can be tricky. If you’ve tested the waters, you know.

Hiring managers are looking for industry experience or proof that you’ve completed industry training. Just saying you’ve grown for yourself and friends, or that you’re a long-time user doesn’t cut it.

  • No industry training = No interview.
  • No interview = No job.
Stressed job seeker

All the while, jobs are going unfilled.

Employers need people who know and respect cannabis, and care about helping others get the benefits of this amazing plant. Sure, soft skills like organization, punctuality, customer service and the ability to multi-task are also necessary, but demonstrating a…

  • Complete understanding of the plant
  • The effects of different methods of ingestion
  • And a thorough knowledge of how retail dispensaries are operated
…is the foundation for a good employee.

After all, this is a complex industry and if you aren’t highly
educated, you won’t be successful in any role.

Bad interview

If you’re a manager, owner or investor already in the cannabis industry you’re probably nodding “yes” right now. You know how important educated employees are, and you also know how difficult it is to get new employees up to speed, not to mention continuing to develop the knowledge and skills of your existing staff.

So, if you’re interested, committed and passionate, there are jobs out there. Cannabis CAN be the career you’re looking for. But you need a place to start, and employers need high quality, educated employees.

Without educated, knowledgeable, and capable staff, how do you expect customers to choose YOUR business over one where they feel taken care of, respected, and valued?

Cannabis is a complex, customer-driven business.

  • Would you let a doctor with no medical degree operate on you?
  • How about a contractor with no license – would you let him build your home?
  • Would you buy a car or diamond from someone without any proven
    product knowledge?
  • Absolutely not.

There’s too much at risk NOT to consult an expert.

And in the cannabis industry, those risks are incredibly real.

Owners and investors pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into gaining licenses, renting space, purchasing equipment, setting up detailed grow rooms and procedures, building a customer base…and the list goes on and on.

The stakes are extremely high – higher than most other industries – and that’s exactly why a reputable, respected, and trusted third-party educational certificate is so important. Employers need proof, and you must provide it to them.

Get hired with education
Industry training, a good idea.

So ask yourself:

  • …How am I going to prove I’m the best candidate for a career in cannabis?
  • …What will impress a hiring manager about my resume above other resumes?
  • …What can I bring to the table that cannabis businesses desire?
  • …Are there steps I can take to stand out from the thousands of other cannabis industry hopefuls?

Thankfully, there is ONE industry-recognized certificate that tells cannabis
businesses that you’re the real deal.

A Certificate of Completion from the industry’s trusted training Institute is your opportunity to
demonstrate your knowledge and commitment to a career in cannabis.

It’s evidence that a third-party is backing you up. It tells people you aren’t just claiming to know, but that you have the credentials to PROVE you know.

What does a Certificate of Completion do for me?

Whether you want to join the cannabis industry, you’re already in cannabis and looking for a promotion, you want to
invest in cannabis, or you are looking to open a business…

A Certificate of Completion can help you:

  • Demonstrate to employers, investors or lenders that you’re serious about your future in cannabis – serious enough to invest to improve your knowledge and skills.
  • Avoid costly mistakes made because you thought you knew…but didn’t know enough.
  • Learn the uncommon vocabulary of the cannabis industry and unique language of retail dispensaries so you can speak with authority and accuracy.

  • Legitimize your experience with cannabis so people know you can do
    more than just “talk-the-talk”.
  • Confidently reinforce what you know, and fill the gaps in your understanding of this dynamic plant and complicated industry.

Luckily, the Cannabis Industry Institute provides the training you NEED and the Certificate
of Completion the industry expects, so you can take advantage of the incredible
opportunities offered by the cannabis industry

The Cannabis Industry Institute provides video-rich, engaging, and interesting real-life learning developed by cannabis industry experts and online learning professionals. The specialized training you receive through the Cannabis Industry Institute ensures that you learn what employers need you to know.

As leaders in education development, the Cannabis Industry Institute understands how modern learners like you learn most easily so that you achieve the learning outcomes necessary for success in the industry.

The Cannabis Industry Institute’s Certificate of Completion courses are online, just like the rest of your life.

Online cannabis industry training
  • Learn anywhere – as long as you’re connected to the internet, your certificate comes to you.
  • Learn on your time – no set class schedules or locations means you have the freedom to
    choose when and where you earn your certificate.
  • Learn for less – without the overhead of a brick-and-mortar campus, the Cannabis Industry Institute passes the savings on to you.
  • Learn for a lifetime – e-learning experts have designed your course so you retain what you’re learning long after obtaining your certificate.

If you’re serious about earning a career in cannabis cultivation then a Certificate of Completion from CII’s Cannabis Industry Overview course is the fast, affordable, and effective way to make it happen.

This “best-in-its class” course is focused on providing you with a foundational understanding of how cannabis is grown, sold and regulated for widespread legal use by both customers and patients.

After earning your Certificate of Completion in the Cannabis Industry Overview course, you’ll be able to…

  • Note the many uses of medical and recreational cannabis, including the 5 major cannabis delivery methods.
  • Understand the cannabis grow cycle from cultivation and harvest, to processing for products sold in retail dispensaries (flower, edibles, concentrates and tincture).
  • Explain technical aspects of cannabis, including cannabinoids, the endocannabinoid system, THC and CBD, trichomes and terpenes, and essential oils.
  • Identify the 3 main species of cannabis, reference popular cannabis strains, and correctly name the components of the plant.
  • Confidently enter a retail dispensary with the foundational knowledge of how they are run in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.

This video-rich learning experience is spread through 7 modules to give you insider knowledge of what it really takes to work in a retail dispensary.

  • Module #1
    Introduction to Cannabis Industry
  • Module #2
    Cannabis History
  • Module #3
    Legal and Regulatory Basics
  • Module #4
    The Cannabis Plant
  • Module #5
    Cannabis Cultivation and Processing
  • Module #6
    Selling Cannabis in the Retail Environment
  • Module #7
    Cannabis Use
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For less than what you pay for 1 concert ticket, a single-day ski ticket, and most one-way air fares, you get a Certificate of Completion that is suitable for framing, the industry credentials you need, and valuable PROOF of your knowledge and commitment to the cannabis industry.

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What Cannabis Industry Institute graduates are saying…

  • “It was a perfect combination of activity and learning. The audio/visual combination appealed to my visual learning style. It was repetitive enough to have the information sink in, but not overly redundant.”
  • “I enjoyed this course. It was challenging, but not impossible to pass. I feel like I received valuable knowledge from it.”
  • “I would certainly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn more about the cannabis industry.”
  • “The Cannabis Industry Institute has done a remarkable job on making the course interesting, engaging and informative.”
  • Very easy to understand and a great breakdown of the terminology in the industry.”
  • “Well done and informative. Thrilled that I could complete the course online, thank you.”

Are you ready to upskill your employees? Streamline your onboarding process?
And provide HIGH QUALITY service to customers and patients?

Employees training and helping

If you’re a cannabis business owner, manager, or investor, customer-service is important to the success of your business. The Cannabis Institute Industry understands how hard it can be to provide affordable employee training that truly makes a difference.

You’re only as good as your weakest employee, so why not give them the tools to make your business THRIVE in this unique, complex, and people-driven industry.

  • Streamline your onboarding process for all employees – cultivation, dispensary, MIP, and administrative – so that everyone is in compliance and knows the ins and outs of the product they’re providing, selling, making, and regulating.
  • Upskill your employees with a Certificate of Completion so customers and patients know you value education and professionalism.
  • Provide uniform training to halt the spread of misinformation from uneducated employees to customers and patients.
  • Increase the quality of your customer service by ensuring each employee is trained to meet the unique needs of customers and patients.

Customers and patients care where they get their cannabis, and if it’s coming from questionable sources, they’ll question coming back to your business. Keep them happy, while increasing that all-so-important word-of-mouth marketing, by investing in the future of your employees and your business.

We’re here to help!

CII cares about your success so we’re extending special group-only packages to industry leaders who want to purchase more than one course.
Instead of paying $99 per course, or even $79 per course…

When you enroll two or more employees at the same
time you save
. And the savings increase the more
employees you enroll!

  • Individual Enrollment: $79 (limited-time offer)
  • 2-5 Enrollments: $69 each (save $10 each)
  • 6-10 Enrollments: $59 (save $20 each)
  • More than 10 Enrollments: Call for a special quote that fits your needs
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Earn more money with education

Remember, CII is not like other cannabis education companies. We’re learning AND cannabis professionals. We know what it takes to make learning last a lifetime.

This is not a “click and pass” course. This is an interactive journey through the foundations of the cannabis industry. Here are the learning features built-in to this course exclusively created for serious cannabis-industry professionals.

Federal Cannabis Laws
Cannabis Dispensary
Cannabis Accessories
  • Fast and fun interactive exercises maximize learning, application and retention.
  • Activities and quizzes assess what you’ve learned and whether you need to review material to accomplish desired learning outcomes.
  • Downloadable glossary with more than 65 cannabis-related terms demystifies jargon and concepts.
  • Quickly add this skill to your resume, or increase the skills of your staff in JUST 90 minutes.
  • Professional video segments take you inside a working retail dispensary and commercial cultivation facility to provide real-world learning.
  • Search tools, topics, and content lists quickly direct you to the information you need during the course.
  • Course materials are available to you for 90 days so you can retake modules, revisit resources or review critical concepts.
  • 97% of Cannabis Industry Institute graduates say the course they completed will be useful in their work.
  • 98% of Cannabis Industry Institute graduates say the course was easy to understand.
  • 89% of Cannabis Industry Institute graduates say they would recommend the course to a colleague.

What Are You Waiting For?!?!?!

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