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Responsible Vendor Training

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The Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division has given you a unique and valuable opportunity. If your dispensary or retail store becomes a Certified Responsible Vendor, and you are found to have a compliance problem, the MED will consider your certification as a mitigating factor when determining sanctions or penalties. That’s right. If you take Responsible Vendor Training to become Responsible Vendor Certified, it could help reduce or eliminate fines and other penalties.

So, how do you get this highly valued certification?

Easy. The Cannabis Industry Institute, the industry’s leading source for training and certification, is approved by the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to certify you as an MED Responsible Vendor.

Responsible Vendor Training

All you have to do is allow us to train your staff using our MED approved training program, and keep your staff trained. We offer the Responsible Vendor Training as a convenient, self-paced online course that you can study anytime and anywhere you have Internet access. We also offer it online if you have a large group and would prefer face-to-face instruction. Upon successful completion, each student receives a printable Cannabis Industry Institute Certificate of Completion. That way, you’ll maintain your Responsible Vendor certification and all the benefits it brings.

And speaking of benefits

Certificate of Completion mock up Responsible Vendor TrainingIn addition to putting you in a better position with the MED if a problem occurs, our Responsible Vendor Training is an excellent, proactive way to help ensure that you don’t have problems to begin with. The course pinpoints areas where your frontline employees are most likely to violate one of the hundreds of MED regulations. So it’s not just good insurance, it’s the RIGHT thing to do for your investors and your team.

It’s also the right thing to do for your customers. Becoming MED Responsible Vendor certified shows your customers that you care about their safety, and are committed to being among the best of the best cannabis retailers in Colorado.

The course consists of six modules:

  • Cannabis and Your Customers
  • The Laws for License Holders and Employees
  • I Need to See Some Identification
  • Selling
  • The License Holder’s Responsibilities
  • Safety and Environmental Concerns

The course covers all areas required by the MED. It has been approved by the MED and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

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