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At Cannabis Industry Institute, we advocate for the people already in the industry, as well as those who are looking to get involved. Stay informed on where the industry is heading, where the best opportunities are, how to do your job more easily, and what you shouldn’t miss. Check out our blog for more information.

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News and Best Practices

Stay up to date on the best practices, legal issues, technology breakthroughs and everything surrounding the cannabis industry with our newsletters. We even offer newsletters specific to the different areas of the industry. Use the links below to sign up for the newsletter that’s right for you, and keep yourself up to date simply by checking your email.

banner News and best practices for growing and processing cannabis

FinalLogo_(DMT) News and best practices for cannabis dispensaries and retail stores

Topics Covered in Our News and Blog

  • General industry
  • Cultivation
  • Dispensaries
  • Processing
  • Legal and regulatory
  • Lighting
  • Organic growing
  • Security
  • Hiring

Looking for More?

Check out our online courses


  • Cannabis Industry Overview


  • Budtender Basics
  • Advanced Budtender
  • Dispensary Management


  • Introduction to Growing
  • Advanced Growing
  • Processing
  • Agricultural Science for Cannabis Growers

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