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Dispensary Training Courses

Serve Customers and Patients, Join a Booming Industry and Get the Job You WANT!

Dispensary employees are the face of a cannabis business. Customers and patients form their first, and often only, impression of the business and the cannabis industry based on their interactions with front-desk employees and budtenders.


And like retail employees in any industry, dispensary employees and managers can be only as good as their training has prepared them to be.


If you’re a business owner or dispensary manager, the Cannabis Industry Institute provides a wide range of dispensary-specific courses to help you and your employees make your company excel in the ever-changing cannabis industry. And if you are an employee of a dispensary, we can help you enhance your skills to turn your job into a successful cannabis career.


If you’re hoping to join the industry, the Cannabis Industry Institute’s online, accelerated and affordable courses give you the Certificate of Completion employers want. Prove your worth in the industry by legitimizing your existing experience. Get educated, get noticed, get hired.

Get Trained To Get Hired, or Train Your Staff To Elevate Your Business.

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