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Cultivation and Processing Courses

Growing and processing cannabis is a blend of science and art. Growers and processors must understand the best practices of agriculture and chemistry, the unique nuances of each strain of plant, and how to maintain compliance with the law. For entry-level growers and processors to managers and grow masters, success requires staying well-trained in cannabis cultivation and processing. Check out our suite of courses and materials designed for those who make great cannabis and cannabis-derived products.

Dispensary Courses

Dispensary employees are the face of your business. Customers form their first, and often only, impression of your business and the cannabis industry based on their interaction with front-desk employees and budtenders. And like retail employees in any industry, dispensary employees and managers can be only as good as their training has prepared them to be. If you are a business owner or dispensary manager, Cannabis Industry Institute provides a wide range of dispensary courses to help you and your employees make your company excel in the ever-changing cannabis industry. And if you are an employee of a dispensary, we can help you enhance your skills to turn your job into a successful career.

Legal and Regulatory Courses

No matter your role in the industry, understanding the ever-changing landscape of law and regulation is one of your highest priorities. At this point, states that have legalized some form of regulated cannabis are in the national spotlight. But everyone in the industry must stay compliant with the law. Let the Cannabis Industry Institute’s suite of legal and regulatory courses guide you through understanding the laws you need to follow.

Professional Courses

Are you looking to get a job in the cannabis industry? Do you already have a job but you are looking for ways to advance your career? Are you in charge of employees in a cannabis-related business? Then CII’s suite of courses for professionals is just what you’re looking for. Whether you or your team need to be trained in operating a dispensary, grow operation, processing facility, or other business, our courses are efficient and cost-effective.

Opportunity Courses

Cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the world, and the opportunity to work or invest in it is too good for many people to pass up. But the cannabis industry is highly unique and poses many challenges.

If you’re looking to get a job, our courses can give you an advantage over job seekers without formal industry training.

And if you’re looking to invest, or to invest more, be sure you have a solid base of industry and business knowledge with the opportunity courses from Cannabis Industry Institute.

Want to learn more about cannabis and the cannabis industry? Check out these CII offerings:

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