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Our Staff

Tom Brooksher – Executive Editor
With over 20 years of experience in trade publication editing and production, Tom developed Dispensary Management Today as a way of providing quality, reliable news and best practices to cannabis cultivators everywhere.

Rikki Lee – Editor
After having been an editor for the largest trade publication in the telecommunications industry, Rikki moved into the cannabis industry to help cannabis growers understand the ever-changing landscape of their craft.

Kyle Brooksher – Managing Editor
As a long-time cannabis enthusiast, Kyle is passionate about helping the cannabis industry and it’s professionals discover the best information possible.

Bridget Manley – Writer
Bridget has been a newspaper journalist for dailies in northwest Colorado and southern Wyoming for five years. Her work at the Craig Daily Press won seven awards for reporting, photography, and column writing.

Eric Stone – Writer
Currently based in Guatemala, Eric has been a cannabis farmer and dispensary owner, and he continues to be an active photographer and writer. He is a cannabis activist, helping people integrate cannabis as a natural way of life.


Devon Landis
Loren Mayshark

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