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30 Aug

Three Tips to Make Your “Telling” More “Teaching”

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In a previous blog post, we covered the differences between telling and teaching in the context of employee training. Now we’re discussing how to go from presenting information, to real behavior-changing teaching. Take a look at these three ideas to help get the ball rolling.


#1: Make it Interactive

If you simply drone on about the latest changes in state regulatory law, employees will not retain much. Talking AT someone is never a good tool for retention. But if you engage employees with discussion questions and explore different scenarios together, they’ll be far more engaged. Interactive training programs lead to an increase in learning and higher retention rates. Make training interactive and encourage employees involve themselves so they take ownership of their own learning. When employees see, feel, hear and have examples of how the material applies to their daily life, they are more passionate about the material.


#2: Make it Engaging

One key to ensuring employees really learn and retain the knowledge is to make sure they are engaged.

  • Include humor
  • Encourage friendly competition
  • Invite questions and discussion
  • Apply the material to job duties
  • Use video, presentation, readings and a variety of teaching techniques

Anything that keeps your employees awake, interested, and actively engaged is a win. These tactics can differ from training to training, so don’t be afraid to explore and try different things. What works for one division may not work for another.


#3: Provide Opportunities to Practice

Practice makes perfect–and being able to practice something is critical to learning, retention and application. Knowledge retention rates are highest when employees perform the actions during training, or when they teach someone else. Role playing can be an effective way to get employees to practice in a safe, low risk environment. For example, have budtenders simulate a range of possible interactions with customers. This can provide engagement and interactivity as well as practice.

Using tell-demonstrate-practice exercises is also extremely effective, such as telling grow technicians how to do something, then demonstrating it for them, followed by allowing them to do it themselves with instant feedback from a coach or instructor. The more experiential time you can build into your training, the more your employees will be engaged with the material during training, and confident when they encounter different situations in their normal business roles.

The best way to ensure your training is effective, streamlined and uniform across employees is to use an outside training institute like the Cannabis Industry Institute. As training development experts, they’ve done the hard work for you. With elearning, onsite and customized training options, you get the method that works best for your business and employees. Some of the most popular employee training programs include Metrc Training, Colorado Compliance Training and Responsible Vendor Certification.

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