Community Relations

Budtender helping a legal cannabis customer

3 Ways to Increase Your Dispensary&...

31st May 2018

As cannabis moves into the mainstream, customers and industry watchers are expecting dispensaries to present themselves as professional businesses. The industry is evolving quickly, and it’s... Read More

Benefits Abound in Public/Private R...

21st November 2016

Washington state voters passed Initiative 502 to legalize cannabis in 2012, and city officials in the southwestern town of North Bonneville saw the writing on the wall. They figured that “we would... Read More

Increase Your Role in Serving the C...

28th October 2016

As a dispensary owner or manager, you may be relatively new to many local communities. Stepping into the spotlight provides a unique chance for you and your businesses to emerge as community leaders.... Read More

Spinning Trash into Community Relat...

26th July 2016

The next time you’re in Oakland, Calif., on a Saturday morning, keep an eye out for James Anthony. He’ll be the one in the yellow vest picking up trash. So why would one of the cannabis... Read More

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