Take Extra Steps to Strengthen Your...

21st November 2016

Because you deal with large amounts of cash and a product that’s not easily identifiable, your business must make security a priority. You can’t completely eliminate theft, but you can develop a... Read More

Keeping Your Store’s Cannabis…S...

1st November 2016

If you run a dispensary or rec store, you need a solid, fireproof safe for storing cash. Obviously, this is the best way to protect your money, especially since you might not obtain legal access to... Read More

Store Manager Watching Video Halts ...

12th August 2016

Sometimes it pays to keep an eye on business, even when you’re at home. Damon Martinez, manager of the Have a Heart cannabis store on the north side of Seattle, was watching the store’s... Read More

Training Is Key to Security for Cas...

26th July 2016

Running a cash-only business is risky. And the key to mitigating that risk, according to Derek Porter, is staff-wide training. “Strictly enforced security regiments with the overall staff:... Read More

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