Budtender helping a legal cannabis customer

3 Ways to Increase Your Dispensary&...

31st May 2018

As cannabis moves into the mainstream, customers and industry watchers are expecting dispensaries to present themselves as professional businesses. The industry is evolving quickly, and it’s... Read More

Combat turnover using a staffing fi...

11th October 2016

Early numbers indicate that the cannabis industry is creating explosive growth in the job market. According to the Oregon Cannabis Jobs Report, the retail cannabis sector in that state has created... Read More

What You Need to Know About the New...

12th August 2016

Overtime pay: It can be costly to dispensary operators, and most try to structure their staffing and scheduling to avoid it if possible. But new regulations on the overtime rule from the Department... Read More

Hiring Budtenders

What You Need to Know to Hire a Gre...

5th August 2016

Running a dispensary or rec store requires you to do dozens of things, often simultaneously: buy product, process cash, make sure you’re in compliance with state and local regulations and a myriad... Read More

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