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Innovations in Cannabis Packaging

October 11, 2016

Business name: Cannaline

Primary product or service for the cannabis industry: Stock and custom printed packaging for flower, concentrates, edibles, and accessories.

Location: Elkridge, Maryland

Number of years serving the cannabis industry: Seven (founded in 2009).

Head of sales: Arnold Heckman, CEO

Head of customer service: Drew Musgrove

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Phone: 301.356.9096

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Innovations in Cannabis Packaging

Top-shelf bud can be compromised by defective packaging, and an edible can find its way into the hands of a youngster if it’s not sealed in a child-resistant container. As a result, finding safe, effective storage methods is a top priority for cannabis producers and growers.

Cannaline of Elkridge, Md., is working to provide innovative storage solutions to the cannabis market. Since its launch in 2009, Cannaline has considered itself a leader in this area of the industry.

In its early days, the company worked with Harborside Health Center (a nonprofit medical dispensary in Northern California) “to produce optimal packaging for flower,” according to Cannaline National Operations Manager Andy Rickert. Cannaline expanded its product line from there. It also designed a production process for the custom manufacturing of all its products at no extra cost, as long as they’re ordered in manageable quantities.

The prototype process

Cannaline is equipped to custom-design and manufacture everything, Rickert said, so that the company can create a unique product. Here’s how: The process usually starts with a simple sketch converted to computer-aided design, which leads to 3D printed prototype. “3D printing allows us to see how a unit ‘handles.’ Often a design that looks good on paper just doesn’t function as well as it should.”

By being able to print such a prototype, Cannaline can refine and perfect its products. “The ability to make modifications and then ‘print’ them really helps us get them just right,” Rickert said. “The final 3D print is then used as the basis for manufacturing the final product. Typically, it can take anywhere from several months to a year of prototyping and testing until we have actual production units in stock.

“This attention to details is one of the factors that make our products unique. Often a very simple-looking item is quite complex to actually design and manufacture.”

The company’s newest products include lab-grade glass concentrate containers that are equipped with leak-proof lids. It is also in the process of testing child-resistant (CR) glass concentrate containers, along with CR bags for flowers, concentrates, accessories and even edibles.

Cannaline maintains a commitment to exceptional quality and customer service, according to Rickert. He added that all the company’s products come with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.


By Loren Mayshark
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