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Company Profile: Nexus Greenhouse – Leader in Greenhouse Horticulture

May 24, 2016

Nexus Corporation is one of several horticultural greenhouse companies that have recognized the tremendous opportunity in cannabis and made the transition to serving cannabis growers. In Nexus’s case, that means adapting their greenhouse designs to optimize them for growing cannabis.

“We have altered our conventional greenhouses to be better suited to cannabis greenhouse growing,” according to David Laverty, Director of Specialty Markets for Nexus, “by adding metal sidewalls for light deprivation, diffused roof coverings to spread out light, and the integration of cannabis-focused equipment components into our line of greenhouses.”

Nexus has served the production greenhouse market since 1967, Laverty said, but the horticultural market has matured at a slower growth rate. “Nexus observed the growth underway in the cannabis industry and decided to become a participant by offering new growing options to cannabis growers,” he said. And they have indeed expanded as well as consistently offered new growing options.

The owners of Nexus, Cheryl Longtin and Mike Porter, strive to build relationships with their customers. Their team includes experienced engineers who are fully licensed in 49 states. Never settling for their current production line, Longtin and Porter feel it is crucial to constantly innovate and manufacture new designs for various markets. Enter the cannabis industry and Laverty’s role at Nexus.

Laverty is constantly on the search for “new opportunities within the cannabis market as well as other specialized markets, such as urban growing and hydroponics.” Nexus offers an array of greenhouse design options catered to the needs of growers.

Whatever you grow, Nexus can offer you an effective and durable building to meet your needs. Recent product line introductions from Nexus include: The Zephyr Greenhouse (which offers growers natural ventilation); The Atrium and Dual Atrium (which use natural ventilation but at a reduced operating, energy, and maintenance cost); and the vertical Guillotine Vent Window System (maximum window opening with no external mechanical/structural parts).

Nexus has also built up a presence in a number of states, including Colorado, Washington and Oregon to Arizona, Minnesota, Illinois, New York and Florida. And according to Laverty, they are considering new projects in emerging states where cannabis use includes recreational, medical, and CBD-only.

Nexus touts itself as more than just a company where you can buy a greenhouse; they also offer full-service resources. Laverty explains that they work with clients from concept design through to final construction, ensuring that the highest level of customer satisfaction is achieved through the entire process.

With “customized engineering, high quality structures and components, [as well as being] a U.S. manufacturer,” Laverty says Nexus is well positioned to meet your growing needs.

By Kimberly Reichert

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