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Single Diatom - Photo Courtesy of EnriroTech Soil Solutions, Inc.

A Natural Way to Kill Bugs and Boos...

14th February 2017

Dig this: Fossilized remains of long-dead critters can lend new life to your cannabis plants. We’re talking about diatomaceous earth (DE), the fossilized remains of phytoplankton or diatom... Read More

Living Soils Increase Sustainabilit...

17th January 2017

Fungus. Microbes. Compost. Worm castings: These are some of the ingredients you might find in a living soil. They may be unpalatable to human tastes, but they're great eats for cannabis plants. In... Read More

The Simple Complexity of Nutrients

27th July 2016

Understanding nutrients in cannabis has a simple complexity to it. Simply speaking, it’s a matter of getting the right type of nutrient to the plant at a particular time. For example, “N-P-K”... Read More

Recycled Organic Living Soil: There...

20th July 2016

As gardening technology advances, it’s easy to get caught up in a lot of the newest, fanciest methods for growing. Hydroponics, aquaponics and aeroponics offer cutting-edge approaches to growing... Read More

Compost Teas for Healthy Soil

20th July 2016

While many professional cannabis growers use compost as a plant nutrient, not as many brew it in water and air to make tea. But compost teas are gaining ground as a powerful additive. They jump start... Read More

Amino Acids: What They Mean to Your...

8th July 2016

We hear about amino acids all the time, especially regarding health and fitness. Bodybuilders maximize their amino acid intake to build muscle. Long-distance runners require amino acids for hard... Read More

Cannabis First Seed Problem

Simple Soil for Extraordinary Resul...

8th July 2016

Professional growers have many options for soil, but it’s best to make a soil mix yourself. Doing this will help you understand what types of soil that cannabis thrives in and how the soil should... Read More

Nutrients for Fertilizing Cannabis ...

3rd June 2016

Cannabis plants require nutrients and micronutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, calcium, iron and many others. These are delivered to the roots through the water in the soil. But... Read More

Soil and Cannabis: What you need to...

31st May 2016

Growing cannabis plants is similar to growing other plants, at least when it comes to nitrogen (N);   phosphorus (P); and potassium (K).  It is crucial to maintain a healthy balance of N-P-K in... Read More

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