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Advanced Techniques

Increase Your Grow Space with SCROG

3rd January 2017

If you don’t have a lot of space for your cannabis grow, you might be searching for more real estate. Instead, think about how to make the space you do have work for you more... Read More

low stress training

Strengthening Your Plants with Low ...

31st August 2016

Very much the same way bodybuilders stress their muscles to build more and stronger fibers, you can stress the fibers in the stem to create a more vigorous plant. A weight lifter builds muscle by... Read More

Rotary Gardening: High Tech for Hig...

24th August 2016

Available space will always be the ultimate limiting factor in any grow. The capacity for storage, equipment, resources and plant counts are always defined by how much space you have. A standard... Read More

Vertical Growing: A Spatial Gardeni...

10th August 2016

Modern physics tells us that light is both a wave and a particle. Whichever way we view it—either as a ball moving in a straight line or as a wave oscillating through space—light stops traveling... Read More

Swimming in a Sea of Green

27th July 2016

Do you have permission to grow a boatload of plants, but you have only a small space to grow in? Never fear, the sea of green is here! The sea of green (SOG) technique was developed as a way to... Read More

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