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Federal Appeals Court to DOJ: Back ...

August 24, 2016

  In United States v McIntosh, the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit made a decisive ruling that helps bolster protection for dispensaries and medical marijuana professionals. The ruling... Read More

Are You Ready for a Large-Scale Fac...

August 24, 2016

Large-scale facilities are still in the infancy stage, yet quite a few professional cannabis growers have dollar signs in their eyes as they consider expanding. The power of large-scale facilities is... Read More

Rotary Gardening: High Tech for Hig...

August 24, 2016

Available space will always be the ultimate limiting factor in any grow. The capacity for storage, equipment, resources and plant counts are always defined by how much space you have. A standard... Read More

Data: The Key to Keeping Your Dispe...

August 24, 2016

Every day, your dispensary generates a wealth of data that can drive better decision-making and help build a better business. How you gather and use this data—as well as how you encourage data... Read More

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