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Single Diatom - Photo Courtesy of EnriroTech Soil Solutions, Inc.

A Natural Way to Kill Bugs and Boos...

14th February 2017

Dig this: Fossilized remains of long-dead critters can lend new life to your cannabis plants. We’re talking about diatomaceous earth (DE), the fossilized remains of phytoplankton or diatom... Read More

Keeping Your Plants Free of Harmful...

17th January 2017

Growing healthy cannabis requires patience and an understanding of plant health. Occasionally pests, fungus and other problems need a targeted application of pesticide or fungicide. Whether you’re... Read More

Aphids: The Other Irksome Insect Pe...

5th October 2016

Spider mites got quite the bad rep in the cannabis industry, and for good reason: They’re basically bedbugs that chew up our plants. Besides damaging our crops, we can easily carry their eggs home... Read More

Banishing Pollutants from the Grow ...

21st September 2016

Every day, your grow room may be subject to a barrage of airborne contaminants that can wreak havoc on your crop. Powdery mildew, botrytis and bud mold—along with a host of other infestations—can... Read More

Minimum Risk Pesticides

12th July 2016

Pesticides remain a hot topic for professional cannabis growers, especially considering all pesticide use on cannabis remains a state issue. The Environmental Protection Agency, our federal regulator... Read More

How Beneficial Insects Control Pest...

5th July 2016

One of the hottest issues in the professional cannabis industry is the use of pesticides. Because of the current status of cannabis as a Schedule I drug, there are no FDA approved pesticides for... Read More

Adjuvants: The Magic Ingredient in ...

1st July 2016

As much as we may love flexing our green thumbs and nurturing our precious plants, sometimes we need to eliminate other plants from our professional cannabis grows. We typically think of these... Read More

Using Natural Pesticides and Repell...

7th June 2016

“Natural” means different things to different people. Typically, when we think of “natural” we imagine roots in the dirt, water flowing over riverbeds, flowers blooming wild in a field or... Read More

Pesticides, Pot and Federal Laws

27th May 2016

The cannabis pesticide issue has affected Colorado more than any other legalized state, medical or otherwise. It started in March 2015, and five months into 2016, it’s still ongoing. But why... Read More

Cannabis Compliance: What Pesticide...

16th May 2016

The aim of every grower is to produce a high-quality, high-yield crop. But the succulent, green and vibrant plants are not only appealing to consumers, they can be appealing to bugs, too. And growers... Read More

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