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Testing Cannabis in Exciting New Wa...

21st June 2016

Professional growers have more access than ever to standardized testing procedures from cannabis laboratories. The test results allow growers to improve their methods of cultivation. This partnership... Read More

FOGCO’s Odor Control Solution

17th June 2016

Increasingly, cannabis cultivators and processors are receiving complaints from neighbors and warnings from local regulators about odor control. Denver is a case in point: The city recently passed an... Read More

Are You Ready To Go Greenhouse?

14th June 2016

The high costs of warehouse growing has left many professional cultivators wondering whether or not greenhouses are a better choice. When faced with providing artificial lighting and massive cooling... Read More

Grower Profile: Emerald Twist

27th May 2016

While some companies use a production line method of cannabis growing that focus solely on outcome and yield, Emerald Twist is focusing on paving the way for eco-friendly practices. Not only does... Read More

Company Profile: Nexus Greenhouse &...

24th May 2016

Nexus Corporation is one of several horticultural greenhouse companies that have recognized the tremendous opportunity in cannabis and made the transition to serving cannabis growers. In Nexus’s... Read More

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