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Unlocking the Mysteries of ‘Genet...

26th October 2016

Remember playing with the copy machine as a kid? You’d make one copy, copy that copy, and so on—until you ended up with a completely faded image. (Assuming you even had an image left at... Read More

Seeds vs. Clones: Pros, Cons and Be...

14th June 2016

To read Part One: Seeds, click here. Clones are carbon copies of the genetics in your plant arsenal. If you are excited and knowledgeable about your mother stock, then you have a great system in... Read More

Seeds vs. Clones: Pros, cons and be...

10th June 2016

  When you choose to grow cannabis on a professional scale, one of the first decisions you will encounter is whether to select clones or seeds. There is a time and place for both. Seeds... Read More

Cloning Cannabis: Fundamentals for ...

31st May 2016

Cannabis cloning is the process of creating an exact copy of a favorite plant. You can grow without ever having to plant a seed; this means you will never run out of bud again. Cloning guarantees a... Read More

Tissue Culturing: What is It? And W...

16th May 2016

If we want to preserve an excellent strain, traditionally we save the mother plant. We’ll cut clones from her branches, plant them, and perpetuate her genetics for as long as she... Read More

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