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maintain cannabis farm records

Maintain Meticulous Records for the...

12th September 2018

With the cannabis industry’s strict regulatory environment, keeping accurate, detailed records has never been more important. But besides just keeping your state’s regulators happy, these records... Read More

New Fire Guidelines To Increase Emp...

3rd January 2017

The cannabis industry deals with constantly changing regulations, and the focus of these regulations is typically public safety. But a new set of guidelines, arriving later this year, will have the... Read More

Want to Grow Outdoors? Know The Law...

12th October 2016

Every professional grower looks for ways to continually improve their product, while also cutting down on the expenses needed to grow the best crop possible. Growing outdoors has obvious benefits,... Read More

Product Liability: What’s the ris...

7th June 2016

Sometimes life isn’t fair. Without realizing it, growers may be liable for product liability claims, even if they try to do everything right in the grow. Recently, the first civil lawsuit based on... Read More

Pesticides, Pot and Federal Laws

27th May 2016

The cannabis pesticide issue has affected Colorado more than any other legalized state, medical or otherwise. It started in March 2015, and five months into 2016, it’s still ongoing. But why... Read More

Cannabis Compliance: What Pesticide...

16th May 2016

The aim of every grower is to produce a high-quality, high-yield crop. But the succulent, green and vibrant plants are not only appealing to consumers, they can be appealing to bugs, too. And growers... Read More

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