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Ballot Measures to Affect Cultivato...

26th October 2016

On Nov. 8, citizens in five states will vote on the issue of recreational use of cannabis, but along with that general question each initiative also includes key proposed regulations affecting... Read More

Need a Gun? Not with a Medical Mari...

28th September 2016

If you hold a state medical marijuana card, regardless of who you are and regardless of whether you’re in a state with legal MMJ, you may not be able to buy a gun. You can thank a recent ruling... Read More

Cannabis First Seed Problem

States Struggle with the First-Seed...

7th September 2016

How can you start growing cannabis when it’s not legal to obtain the first clone or seed? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t so easy. Each state that has legalized medical marijuana has struggled... Read More

Federal Appeals Court to DOJ: Back ...

24th August 2016

  In United States v McIntosh, the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit made a decisive ruling that helps bolster protection for dispensaries and medical marijuana professionals. The ruling... Read More

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