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Bud Attributes

How Flavonoids Add to the Entourage...

30th November 2016

Just when we were starting to get a grasp on cannabinoids and terpenes, cannabis enthusiasts threw at us a new class of chemicals: flavonoids. To date, chemists have identified about two dozen... Read More

Train Your Palate to Taste Quality ...

15th November 2016

Every cannabis connoisseur has that moment, that motion they make with their mouth after they take a deep, delicious puff of well-grown buds. They may smack their lips, flap their tongue or inhale a... Read More

How to Train Your Eyes to Detect Qu...

8th November 2016

When we first encounter some freshly stocked buds, our eyes are usually the first sensory organs to engage. Whether you’re a budtender, a professional grower, a trimmer, a store manager or even... Read More

Train Your Nose to Smell Quality Bu...

2nd November 2016

Smell and taste go hand-in-hand. You’ll find a lot of overlap between smelling and tasting quality buds, but there are a few particulars specific to the act of catching a whiff. Before we get into... Read More

Grow Weed So Purple It’s Prac...

19th May 2016

If you've been puffin' the ganja long enough, you've come across purple buds. KF7, Purple Pineberry, Grape Ape, Mile High Purps – just to name a few. Some of the buds from these strains bear... Read More

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