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The Simple Complexity of Nutrients

27th July 2016

Understanding nutrients in cannabis has a simple complexity to it. Simply speaking, it’s a matter of getting the right type of nutrient to the plant at a particular time. For example, “N-P-K”... Read More

Fertigation Helps a Grow Thrive

20th July 2016

When you think of fertilizing, you probably also think of adding the nutrient to the soil of each plant. But for many professional growers, that’s too time-consuming and inconsistent. Instead, they... Read More

Using Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions

5th July 2016

A hydroponic nutrient solution is a liquid mixture that contains all the pre-dissolved nutrients a plant needs to thrive. Although a “one-solution-fits-all” formula would make things much simpler... Read More

Nutrients for Fertilizing Cannabis ...

3rd June 2016

Cannabis plants require nutrients and micronutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, calcium, iron and many others. These are delivered to the roots through the water in the soil. But... Read More

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