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Understand Light’s Effects on You...

31st January 2017

For plants, and cannabis in particular, light is the primary source of energy. Nutrients, water and growing medium are also important, but a plant will never grow if it doesn’t get enough light.... Read More

Choose the Right Lighting for Your ...

15th November 2016

Lighting your professional indoor cannabis grow can be done in a variety of ways. And you have many more choices now than you did just a few years ago. To produce the intense light to mimic the... Read More

Use Light Deprivation to Grow Green...

26th October 2016

  Outdoor cannabis plants have a completely natural day-and-night photoperiod, while indoor plants have lamps that are turned on and off with a timer. However, growers with greenhouses have... Read More

Add Reflective Surfaces to Your Gro...

19th October 2016

Cannabis plants need extremely intense light to produce prodigious quantities of firm, dense buds. Professional growers often use high intensity discharge (HID) metal halide bulbs for the vegetative... Read More

Lighting the Way to Greater Efficie...

21st September 2016

LOS ANGELES—Many professional growers face the same dilemma when looking to expand or open a new cultivation space: deciding on either a warehouse, a greenhouse or an outdoor grow. One of the... Read More

The Nuances of HID Light Reflectors

17th August 2016

What’s so special about HID reflectors? Aren’t they just there to hold the lamp and help direct more light to the plant? Well, yes. They do those things, but they can also be much more valuable... Read More

Lighting Ballast

HID Grow Light Ballasts: Magnetic v...

10th August 2016

Anyone who‘s familiar with high intensity discharge (HID) grow lights is well aware that they produce extremely intense light. In fact, a 600 watt high pressure sodium (HPS) bulb produces about... Read More

High Pressure Sodium Bulbs: The Cho...

3rd August 2016

Professional growers are well aware that cannabis requires a change in the duration of the light cycle to trigger flowering. But cannabis also requires a change in the bandwidth of light it receives... Read More

Metal Halide Bulbs: Workhorses of t...

27th July 2016

Most professional cultivators are aware that cannabis requires one bandwidth of light during the vegetative stage and another during the flowering stage. As a result, many growers use metal halide... Read More

HID Grow Lights: Beyond the Fundame...

12th July 2016

Because photosynthesis is dependent on light, all plants must have sufficient light to grow. Also, the growth rate of any given species is dependent on both the intensity and duration of the light it... Read More

Lighting Your Indoor Grow

8th July 2016

Many professional growers use a combination of high intensity discharge (HID) metal halide and high pressure sodium bulbs to simulate the different bands of the light spectrum that plants would... Read More

How to Reduce a Grow’s Electr...

27th May 2016

In a perfect world, large-scale cannabis grows would use sunlight. Sunlight is clean, renewable and, best of all, it’s free. Grows could be housed in greenhouses or outside in wide, open fields.... Read More

LED or HPS: The Debate Continues

24th May 2016

When it comes to indoor cannabis cultivation, lighting is everything. Naturally there are thousands of other variables that a cultivator has to consider, such as genetics and nutrients. But without... Read More

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