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Cultivators to Network at CannaGrow Expo

October 5, 2016


CannaGrow Expo

Events that provide networking and professional development opportunities are vital in most career paths. In the expanding cannabis cultivation industry, these events can be extremely valuable.

Sparking conversation and fostering connections are at the heart of the CannaGrow Expo, a two-day educational experience from CannaConnections Events. The expo arrives in Denver later this month to showcase the latest in technology, tools and techniques.

To Joseph De Palma, CCE’s founder, the expo’s benefit to growers is straightforward. “You come to this show, you leave a better grower,” he said.

The event will be held Oct. 29-30 at the Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center. It’s open to anyone 18 and older; a medical marijuana card is not required to attend. However, current law and the venue prohibit the possession and use of cannabis at the event.

The expo, of which Cannabis Cultivation Today is a media sponsor, will include at least 25 educational sessions led by a variety of industry professionals, including master growers and scientists. The sessions address topics from managing blight to breeding techniques, and they offer something for growers of all levels of experience.

Networking roundtables

This month’s expo will include a new feature: networking roundtables. Each roundtable hosts discussions about a different topic, helping to spark conversation among attendees with similar interests. “This whole industry has been traditionally so isolated and underground,” De Palma said, adding that the expo’s networking events are “a way for people to be communicating and really meeting people face-to-face.”

The expo also features vendors specializing in soils, hydroponics, extraction and filtration systems, to name just a few areas. More than 80 vendors—all offering cannabis cultivation-related products and services—are expected to exhibit.

Last May’s San Diego show attracted more than 450 attendees, and the Denver event is slated to surpass that figure.

As De Palma sees it, one of the most substantial benefits from the event is the opportunity it affords the professional cultivation community to congregate and develop new ideas.

“When you bring a lot of smart people together and put them in the same room, a lot of great conversation comes from that,” he said. “When you get people sharing that same passion, you end up coming up with things and learning about things that nobody was talking about on their own individually. It only happens when people come together.”

Two-day, all-access passes are available for $369 until Oct. 15. The pass includes lunch on both days, as well as a happy hour, daily refreshments and access to an evening reception. Single-day passes are available for $229 until Oct. 15. After that date, a two-day pass is $499, and a one-day pass is $349.

For more information or to register, visit the CannaGrow Expo website.


By Bridget Manley
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