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October 12, 2016

If you’re an industry professional or you’re just looking to learn about the latest discoveries in cannabis growing science, the CannaGrow Expo (Oct. 29-30 at the Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Hotel & Convention Center) should be on your schedule.

More than a typical grow expo, this event will feature some of the most prominent experts in cannabis growing methods, theories and technologies. (Cannabis Cultivation Today is an official media sponsor of CannaGrow Expo.)

The topics covered by presentation speakers will include soil science, pest management, botany and plant genetics. The topic of plant genetics will range from breeding practices and bioinformatics to evolutionary diversity.

The headline speaker will be master grower Jorge Cervantes, who authored The Cannabis Encyclopedia and many other definitive growing guides. He’ll be discussing “Growing Bigger, Better Outdoor & Greenhouse Cannabis, the Jorge Cervantes Way.”

Some topics are designed purely for educational purposes. For example, Sunny Kaercher, ecologist at Miller Soils, will discuss how plants function at the biochemical level. “I’m going to be talking about how plants work,” she said. “Basic botany: what’s going on inside the plant, vascular motion, nutrient cycling, nutrient absorption. I’m looking to educate people on a deeper level with what’s going on inside the plant.”

Other topics address procedures that haven’t quite become mainstream but really should. Companion planting, a method of growing non-cannabis plants alongside cannabis to ward off pests, will be described by Tom Lauerman of Farmer Tom Organics. In the insect world, trap plants are “the most delectable plants there are,” Lauerman explained. “We pick the prime plants that the insects will go to first before they’ll go after your cannabis plant. Once that trap plant is infested, we pull it and plant a new one.”

Sustainability stands as one of the focal points of the expo. For example, Josh Conley of NEXTG3N will discuss greenhouse designs that take advantage of natural sunlight. In addition, soil scientist and permaculture designer Drew Plabani will bring his audience up-to-speed on the newest developments in sustainable cultivation systems.

But sustainability is about a lot more than just protecting the environment. It’s a good business practice, too. Christie Lunsford, Founder of Endocannabinoidology, plans to cover strategies for reducing a grow’s carbon footprint while also maximizing the bottom line. “Soil building, bio char, passive cooling and LED lighting can be used to offset your carbon footprint and increase yield,” she said.

Additional scheduled session leaders include:

  • Shane Young, Plant Health & Pest Management Specialist, Natural Enemies, “Chemical-Free Pest Management Using Beneficial Insects”
  • Zacariah Hildenbrand, Chief Scientific Officer, C4 Laboratories, “Beyond Sativa & Indica: Identifying Cannabis Chemotypes to Facilitate Successful Therapeutic Outcomes”
  • Elton Prince, Master Extractor, The Alchemists Guild, “Soil to Oil: Crop Techniques for High-Quality Extract Production”
  • Chris Worsley, Master Grower, Medicine Farm Botanicals, “High Tea: Brewing Organic Compost Teas for Cannabis”
  • Mowgli Holmes, Chief Scientific Officer, Phylos Bioscience, “Cannabis Patents: How Do We Protect Diversity?”

In addition to the presentations, the exhibit floor is hosting more than 85 vendors displaying their products and services.

Until Oct. 15, a two-day, all-access pass is $369, and a single-day pass is $229. After that, a two-day pass is $499, and a one-day pass is $349. Cannabis Cultivation Today readers can get a special discounted pass by registering here.


By Randy Robinson
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