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Oilseed Extract Fertilizers

August 17, 2016

What’s the best natural fertilizer for cannabis? That depends on who you ask; every grow facility has its own preferred types. They can be compost or a solid mix of organic ingredients, or they can be highly concentrated liquids that are more economical to use. One of the latter is oilseed extract (OSE).

Oilseeds, as the name suggests, are seeds that contain high levels of oil. The seeds are crushed, and the oil is extracted with solvent and used as natural fertilizer. OSE fertilizers are known for being economically beneficial in aiding plant growth.

Although the original OSE formulation used soybeans, other high nutritive oilseeds, such as corn, canola or sunflower seeds, are used today. Oilseed extract was revealed to be a nutrient source nearly 20 years ago. It was based on patented technology licensed by Daniels AgroSciences for the manufacturer Nature’s Source.

According to Mark Freeman, national market manager for Nature’s Source Plant Food, OSEs are “sustainable sources of plant nutrition in the purest sense because they come from seed, and because everything necessary for plant growth is naturally present.”

OSEs are used for all stages of crops and are available in blended products, including synthetic nutrients or as complete OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute)-Listed organic nutrients, Freeman added. Also, OSEs won’t create excessive vegetative growth, which can occur with some purely synthetic formulations.

To grow huge, healthy, beautiful buds, your plants need the best fertilizer and nutrients. For the professional grower who’s looking to work with a natural system, an organic OSE fertilizer feeds the soil, not the plants. After all, the soil is full of living organisms that will release nutrients to your plants. Naturally based OSEs are beneficial to soil microbes and promotes healthier growing conditions.

OSE comes in a concentrated liquid, so a little goes a long way. It’s easy to mix and all natural. In addition, OSE is “one of the best professional fertilizers in agriculture,” Freeman said. “The low-salt index allows it to be applied in a broad rate range.” He added that OSEs include compounds that “allow plants to tolerate stress, whether the crop is grown strictly indoors under artificial light, in greenhouses or outdoors.”

In addition, OSEs are economical because of the small amounts needed for the mix. Growing with OSEs will improve the taste and quality of your final product. And by using natural fertilizers, yields will be higher.


By Kelly Martin
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