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Getting the Basics Right for a ‘G...

22nd November 2016

The greenhouse is a valuable tool for any professional grower. As with indoor grows, using a greenhouse puts you in control of the environment. But greenhouse gardens receive intense, full-spectrum... Read More

Get Ready to Grow in a Greenhouse

8th November 2016

Greenhouses are nothing new in growing; they’re not a new thing for cannabis, either. But as our industry strives for efficiency, sustainability and, of course, greater profit margins, greenhouses... Read More

Use Light Deprivation to Grow Green...

26th October 2016

  Outdoor cannabis plants have a completely natural day-and-night photoperiod, while indoor plants have lamps that are turned on and off with a timer. However, growers with greenhouses have... Read More

Greenhouse Basics for the Beginner

5th October 2016

As the professional cannabis market expands, the popularity of using greenhouses grows as well. Greenhouses offer many options to partner with nature for creating a great product. This saves you... Read More

Are You Ready To Go Greenhouse?

14th June 2016

The high costs of warehouse growing has left many professional cultivators wondering whether or not greenhouses are a better choice. When faced with providing artificial lighting and massive cooling... Read More

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